Big Screen Action – Racing B-Movies 1966 – 1971

I think it’s fairly safe to say that of the many films to feature motor racing, few have achieved any artistic distinction, and even fewer have managed to appeal to the vast audience that watch the sport.

A Tale of Two Saloons

Europe in the post-war period was a paradise for motor sport enthusiasts – regardless of your vehicle, chances were that you could race it, be it on a disused airfield, the public roads or a circuit.


As an impressionable lad who spent his days amidst stacks of old Motor Sport magazines, and his evenings buried in Doug Nye’s biblical tome on Cooper Cars (yup, they were heady days) the discovery that back in ’66 a guy named Frankenheimer had made a three-hour epic about Formula 1 racing was pretty exciting.

Night of the Hunter

There’s a great book by racer-turned-journalist Innes Ireland, entitled Marathon in the Dust, which tells the eventful story of the 1968 London-Sydney Marathon.

Unsportingly Reliable

A while ago I wrote about my favourite one-make racing championship: the Coupe Gordini. There aren’t many more compelling cases to be made for getting a group of young hotshoes together to race an affordable little car on the most challenging circuits France had to offer,

Boxy But Fast

On the face of it the Delta might just seem like a boxy hatchback – another exercise in angularity from the ruler of Mr Giugiaro, and one likely subject to the same rust worm that had blighted Lancia’s gorgeous Beta.