A Few Words with Sir Stirling Moss

Representing Discovery UK at Race Retro in 2013, I was fortunate enough to sit down for (literally) a few words with Sir Stirling Moss and Murray Walker.
Jul 15

Chris Amon talks about ‘Grand Prix’

In 1966, 23 year old Chris Amon was hoping to join friend Bruce McLaren’s fledgling F1 team, but a season of unreliability with hastily adapted Ford and Serennissima engines relegated him to the sidelines, a one-off drive for Cooper at Reims aside. At least that’s the tale the record books tell, for in ‘reality’ he was competing in one of the most fiercely contested championships of all time, alongside the best of his generation: Jean-Pierre Sarti, Pete Aron, Scott Stoddard, Nino Barlini, Tim Randolph and Bob Turner.